Will Storage Information

We offer all of our clients a storage facility which is arranged through the Society of Will Writers.

It is a fully insured document storage service and is excellently managed by the Society.

Clients are able to store the following documents either in a single “box” for an individual; or a joint box where a couple can store their documentation together.

The following documents can be stored:-

  • Wills
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • House Deeds
  • Life Insurance Policies

What is the Cost?

  • A single storage unit is £35.00 per annum payable by annual (or monthly) standing order.
  • A joint storage unit is £45.00 per annum payable by annual (or monthly) standing order.

How do my executors know where to find my Storage unit?

You will be given a credit card sized card to keep or give to your executors which states your name and storage number together with the Society’s contact details.

Can you as the testator store these documents yourself?

You can of course, keep the Wills (and LPAs if appropriate) in a safe place of your own but please note that if these are lost or destroyed you will need to redo them as copies are not accepted.

If you arrange this facility I can help your family / executor immediately at the necessary time as I am your appointed agent.

I arrange this storage facility for you and as part of the service I help families to retrieve the documents at the appropriate time and guide them through the next part of the process.